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Skincare Stories: Dupree

Written by Dupree S.

I started getting breakouts in junior high school. From then on, I’ve always had a small skincare routine. It would consist of some type of exfoliating wash that honestly would strip my skin of everything it needed more than help it.

All-in-all, having a consistent routine kept my skin mostly clear. I still would have trouble with scarring especially as I am getting older, I used to have those slight craters in your face *sad face*. This made me want something more natural, holistic and for people of color. So I went on this journey early last year to find just that.

I found ROSEN on this list of black-owned skincare brands and fell in love with the whole aesthetic of the brand before even purchasing. The simplicity of the packaging and the fact that I could read the ingredients and knew what I was using. Everything was just straight to the point and told you exactly what it did.


To date I have tried almost everything they have. My favorites are the Super Smoothie Cleanser, Gold Tides Toner, Paloma Serum and Moonlight Moisturizer. The Enzyme Scrub is also a forsure staple in my routine because I can literally mix it with any face wash and get a natural exfoliant and I love it. I also most recently fell in love with their Rose Water Face Dew! It’s so refreshing on the face and just enhances the glow!


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