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Skincare Stories: Addy

Written by Addy B.

Skin isn’t good or bad. Our skin is alive and it protects us from the elements. It’s worthy of care and love at all it’s stages. The best routine is one that you can maintain and you like doing.

I’m a fan of ROSEN Skincare because the marketing, products and message aligns with how I think about skin and skincare.


I feel like my earliest memory of skincare is being young, like 3-4 years old, and my mom washing my face with Dove and slathering it up with cocoa butter.

When I was a teenager, my routine consisted of a drugstore cleanser and cream. My skin was “good” compared to the normal course of teenage skin.


It wasn’t until my early-to-mid twenties when the occasional breakout turned to two or three occurring breakouts. It felt like puberty said, “I’m 10 years late, but HEY GIRL! Let’s make up for lost time!”

My normal skin became more oily and congested. During this time, I was also working at Sephora.I experimented with my makeup and skincare, which was both a blessing and a curse. The abundance of products paired with my new found love of chemical exfoliants lead to a wrecked skin barrier-whiteheads, oily T-zone and dry cheeks and texture on my forehead.

I learned to stop introducing too many products. I’m stubborn, so this took me a while! Once I started listening to my skin, the congestion started to reduce, but I was left with discoloration around my cheeks and jaw.


The acids came out to play again, but I also started to wear SPF daily, so the hyperpigmentation started to fade. My combo leaning skin craves moisture, but I personally don’t like the feel of heavier moisturizers.  

Now, I incorporate hydration in layers – like spraying Rose Water Face Dew before serums and right before moisturizers. Adding in the Tropics Toner helps provide more hydration. I enjoy it because it contains kojic acid and pineapple extracts to brighten and help with texture. Multitasking products are my favorite.

The biggest skin lessons I learned from being a reformed product tester and hoarder is patience and consistency. My skin thrives when my routine isn’t constantly tweaked.

What I’ve been up to when it comes to skincare:

  • I created my IG page @Skincareinscrubs because I missed talking about skincare and makeup and wanted to connect with others.
  • My page serves as a “part photo diary/semi creative hobby.” I track my progress on fading PIH ( post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) and maintaining skin balance. Currently, I’m learning how to edit videos. It is a bit tricky but I’m enjoying learning.
  • Seeing others share about their routines and products helps to fulfill “the I need that feeling!” aka FOMO. Do I actually need it or want it because it’s new?


Use my past missteps as a guide:

  • Patch test! Now I incorporate new products one to max two at a time.  
  • Skin feeling tight, all your products stinging? Put down the exfoliating for a week or two, cleanse and moisturize. Observe how your skin reacts.
  • SPF, SPF! Yes, I still love my acids, but in order to keep my hyperpigmentation minimal to none, wearing and reapplying a SPF that I didn’t mind applying is a non-negotiable.


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