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Skincare Stories: Madisen

Growing up, I’ve always struggled with acne and hyperpigmentation, especially as a teenager. I’ve tried everything you can think of from ProActiv to products with Hydroquinone that every Dermatologist prescribed for me. My skin was something I was self-conscious about leading up to my adult years.

When I became a Content Creator in March 2018, my skin was probably the worst it has ever been. I was embarrassed to show my face on videos and rarely took selfies. Comparison got the best of me because I thought people would talk negatively about my skin when I did post. Therefore, I stuck with taking texture shots of my natural hair and used Snapchat filters when I took selfies.

Eventually, it got to a point where I was tired of doing that. I was trying to grow a loyal platform and be my authentic self. My brand’s name is Naturally Madisen, and that’s what people should receive - the natural me. I knew I had to find a way to get my skin under control so I wouldn’t continuously use heavy filters and not even look like myself. Who wants to be a catfish?!

I started taking my skincare routine seriously later on in 2018. I watched YouTube videos and took notes on products my favorite creatives recommended for reducing acne and hyperpigmentation. Even still, I would experience breakouts and it seemed that my skin became worse. I was using a variety of products every day and expected to see results quickly, but I had to learn that skincare isn’t an overnight fix. Just because you use more products doesn’t mean it’ll work faster.

In 2019, I researched more about clean beauty and was intentional about the type of products I decided to use. I reduced the number of steps in my routine and focused on trying a few products at a time. Since I have dry, sensitive skin, I had to go through a lot of trial and error to find what works, however, as time went on, I started to notice a beautiful change in the overall look and health of my skin. My skin started to clear up and those annoying dark spots were fading, finally!

In 2020, I was introduced to ROSEN Skincare and I loved that it was a black-owned brand that’s formulated with clean ingredients. I noticed their products were made to get rid of hyperpigmentation and take control of breakouts. I was sold after reading the descriptions and was sent the FADE Routine to try.

After a few months, my skin started to return to normal and I was slowly gaining my confidence back. Skincare started to become a regular thing on my platforms and I received many compliments about how beautiful my skin was. I can look in the mirror every day now and smile because of how far my skin has come. Also, I can use my experiences to help other women on their journey if they have specific skin goals they want to achieve.

I fell in love with the Super Smoothie Cleanser, Tropics Toner, and Tropics Moisturizer. With consistent use of these products, I’ve been able to keep my breakouts at bay and fade hyperpigmentation. I love how these products leave my skin moisturized, glowing, and smooth. I knew Rosen Skincare would become a staple in my routine and I’d need to keep their products in rotation after seeing my amazing results.

My journey started in 2018 and now in 2021, I can confidently say that I love the skin I’m in. Even when I do have an occasional breakout here and there, I still try to embrace my skin and not allow it to make me feel unattractive. I don’t let that stop me from creating content or showing up as my authentic self for my audience. I always reiterate that my skin isn’t perfect and that I still experience these concerns, however, I’ve been able to establish a routine with quality products that help me maintain healthier, clear skin.

Next time I experience a terrible breakout that leaves hyperpigmentation behind, I’ll still show my face and keep my head up high. I can embrace my skin and love it regardless and encourage other women and men in my community to do the same.


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