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Properly Treating Acne


I have been inconsistently struggling with acne since high school and now that I’m 22, I finally learned how to properly treat my acne.

Throughout college, I spent so much time and money at the dermatologist office, only to take oral and topical medications that failed me. As the semesters passed, my skin experienced unpredicted cycles of breakouts, some seasons worse than others. I hit my senior year of college and out of nowhere I had deep, painful, red, cystic bumps EVERYWHERE. I hated leaving the house, I avoided people and I spent a majority of my time crying. I even remember crying out, “Lord, please take my acne away!” I was so insecure that I wore make up everyday and even though it looked bumpy. I thought that was at least better than seeing the redness.

I finally accepted my fate and decided to proceed with Accutane and during the month of Accutane preparation, my skin oddly started cooperating and improving. I attributed my miracle to my beauty blog and seeking out people with similar skin. I had to completely change my skincare routine, first starting with the way I washed my face.

Like most people, I used make up wipes which I found out actually spread more dirt around and clog pores.

  1. I started oil cleansing with Farmacy Green Clean cleansing balm.
  2. Next, I started chemically exfoliating to shed dead skin and promote cell turnover. I used Go-To Skincare exfoliating swipeys with AHA’s and BHA’s.
  3. Then, I found a moisturizer that was made specifically for acne prone skin exposed to an extremely polluted environment: Good Science Beauty 001-Pu moisturizer. I would mix this with a face oil, Go-To Skincare face hero, something I never thought I’d EVER use on my skin because I thought oils would make oily skin more greasy. Of course I found out, acne prone skin is actually dry skin overcompensating. By mixing these two, they worked together to lock each other in and combatted both my lack of moisture and hydration.
  4. Lastly, PIMPLE PATCHES OMG! These saved me! Avarelle LARGE pimple patches covered cheek bumps and protected my face while I slept. These prevented bacteria from infecting my bumps and also fed my pimples with medicine to shrink the bumps.

Since then I have kept my acne at bay and fairly controllable. I really had to learn from this experience to just love my skin regardless because pimples WILL and DO come back but that doesn’t lessen who I am as a person and surely does not take away my beauty.


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