By Jamika Martin

My Skin Journey: Jada B

I was never the teenage girl to have cystic acne...However, I did have acne; it all started in sixth grade. Sadly, I still do, till’ this day. Self confidence and high self esteem is definitely not something you gain overnight. This is a looooooooong journey. A journey with bumps, hills, spikes, and... a tank full of tears. Nonetheless, you need to realize that the journey does get better.

This was me before....3 years ago.


*look at those eyebrows...what was I thinking? Lol.*

I know. It’s not anything too bad, but to me, I felt like the ugliest girl in the world. Everyday, I brought myself down... calling myself disgusting names and being a bully towards ME. My self esteem was so low, that at one point I considered harming myself because of the way that I LOOKED. If you look at that picture, you can literally see how miserable I was. All because of my acne I was MISERABLE. I would go through life everyday simply just going through the motions.

Fast forward to maybe a couple of weeks ago...

This was about 5 days after I invested in ROSEN. My acne was still bad, but it wasn’t TOO bad. I still continued to break out on the right side of my cheek and my T-Zone, however at this point, I started gaining some confidence.

The first picture was taken after only THREE days of using the Tingling Mud Mask. I immediately noticed a difference in my skin after ONE use! The Tingling Mud Mask helps prevent breakouts and lightens dark scars. What has my face glowing though, you ask? That is the Rose Water Face Dew! The Rose Water Face Dew hydrates and brightens the skin.

I’ve dealt with trial and error, trying to find the right products for my skin, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING seemed to work. Not even pills from my dermatologist. You just have to find what works for you! (and again, it will not take overnight) Thanks to ROSEN, I look this good. :)

at this point, i started gaining some confidence.


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