By Jamika Martin

Masking with @queenrubi.xo

Masking and relaxing—that’s all I’m trying to do in my spare time! Everywhere you look self-care is being more and more emphasized on social media, and I’m all for it! As a person who is passionate about skincare and haircare, being able to give myself a pampering session on a weekly basis is super important.

For me, the easiest way to indulge in self-care is by masking. Whether I’m doing a quick wash-off mask with my mom after the gym or I’m Netflixing and masking with my boyfriend on the weekend. I love seeing and feeling the immediate results—and why not share the masking moment with someone you love?! Being able to reach for a mask and relax with a book is something I also enjoy doing on low-key nights when I’m home alone.


Since I have combo skin that is acne-prone, I have to be careful with what I put on my face. Cue in ROSEN Skincare masks that can be enjoyed by all skin types! Not only do I love their masks but I have to say, their whole line has had an amazing effect on my skin! When I notice that my skin looks dull and needs some exfoliation, I use ROSEN's Enzyme Scrub to help reveal brighter skin. It has pumpkin enzyme and lemon powder to help gently smooth my skin and clear up scarring. Their wash-off masks are fantastic for multi-masking because they can be used for specific skin needs or even as spot treatments. I’m sure everyone has tried the popular Aztec Indian Healing Clay, and as much as I loved using it, I hated the red aftermath of my skin and the mess it created in my sink. Some great alternatives for this clay mask are ROSEN's Charcoal Mask and Tingling Mud Mask.


I enjoy using the Charcoal Mask on my t-zone as it has bentonite clay and activated charcoal to absorb excess oils and shrink my pores. I love that it has a smooth texture that doesn’t require any mixing and glides on so easily.

The Tingling Mud Mask also has bentonite clay with zinc oxide and tea tree oil that is perfect for the rest of my face where I get random breakouts especially around my jawline or cheeks. I love that there is no tight pulling on my skin and it feels soft with no signs of redness or irritation!

Lastly, the Earth Mask is made for the dry areas that require more nourishment, which is around my mouth and chin especially during winter. Along with zinc oxide, there is eucalyptus oil and niacinamide to help fight against breakouts and inflammation. It’s definitely a fun mask to play with since it’s green and you have to rub it in. Once I wash it off, I swear my skin feels hydrated enough that I almost don’t want to put on a moisturizer. When winter comes, this will definitely be an all-over face mask to reach for as it leaves my face feeling soft and nourished.

Speaking of winter, another go-to mask that I love to reach for when the weather gets cold is Farmacy’s Honey Potion. Again, it’s another mask that’s fun to play with because it transforms from this golden honey to a white cream all while giving my skin a slight warming sensation. Who doesn’t love a bit of sensory play while masking?

I hope you all get to treat yo self at least once a week with some self-care time and a mask. Grab a friend and slather on a mask, and enjoy that pamper sesh!

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Rubi @queenrubi.xo



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