Becoming Little Crusty

Written by @little_crusty

I’ve been a little crusty for almost a decade, but didn’t become @little_crusty until about a year and a half ago. I began my battle/journey/experience, however you prefer to categorize it, with acne when I was 14. My face, neck, and back were full of painful, cystic acne. I remember dreading looking in the mirror when I woke up, afraid to greet all of the new pimples that formed while I was sleeping. Likewise, when I looked in the bathroom mirror after coming home from school I felt ashamed and humiliated that this was the face people were looking at all day.


Fast forward to my senior year of highschool. I was still breaking out and was ready for a change. I began researching acne solutions and skincare products. Although I spent months sifting through half-truths and misinformation, I fell in love with learning about skincare ingredients, formulations, and marketing strategies nevertheless.

I began working as a skincare consultant and makeup artist shortly thereafter. I cherished the opportunity to guide people through the massive world of beauty and help them feel at home in their skin. Nothing made me happier than putting a smile on someone’s face.

I eventually created my Instagram @little_crusty to continue my passion for skincare education and along the way discovered acne positivity. While my skin is much more consistently clear than in the past, I am so grateful to have discovered such a positive and uplifting community. It’s a community I wish insecure 14 year old Trent had. Alongside skincare reviews, I write positive affirmations related to acne and created the hashtag #skintexturetuesday where people can share and reflect on their relationship with acne, confidence, and beyond.

Now with my newly launched website + blog I hope to continue my endeavor of educating and empowering beauty consumers! No matter the budget, I want folks to be able to achieve their skin goals while loving themselves wholeheartedly along the way.


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