By Jamika Martin

Clean Acne Care

Written by Jamika Martin, the founder of ROSEN

For years, I dealt with difficult skin. If you haven’t already, you can check out this blog post for a bit more of a backstory on my skin. I guess if we’re being accurate, I still deal with difficult skin, it just looks better now.

But all that to say, these years of dealing with breakouts has gotten me to a point where I’m pretty comfortable with all things acne care. Medications? Did that. Chemical peels? That too. Every single brand/product in the acne isle? Oh, for sure. The one thing I never tried (oddly enough) for my acne was Proactive, so I’m no help there. But I mean I did basically everything else.

Which brings me to the main point of this blog post: clean acne care.

After assessing the acne market for years through my own personal consumption, I found a few things.

  • All of the “cool” brands, were never in the acne isle. Those pretty, aesthetic and interesting brands always seemed to be reserved with people with much tamer skin.
  • What’s it like to have a new and interesting product developed for you? Because I’ve literally only seen acne care brands remake a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid face wash like 100 times.
  • And more recently: clean beauty was something that completely skipped over acne care and a went straight for people with (again) more easily managed skin.

As the beauty industry grew and expanded and innovated, acne care seemed to be left in the dust, and that’s what we’re here to work on. Because it honestly doesn’t make sense that there are so many people out there dealing with acne and breakouts but they still have to choose from the same legacy brands that have always been in the acne care isle.

ROSEN is clean acne care. More specifically, we are innovating the acne space with cleaner, more thoughtful formulas. We’re building a brand for you. For the people who deal with breakouts/scars/bumps/whatever and still want ingredients they can trust and understand. For the people who are tired of using the same repetitive and synthetic products for their breakouts and want to use fun and innovative things like strawberry powder or frankincense.


So join us as we take over the world acne market!! We need your support to show folks that treating breakouts and acne prone skin is normal, but also completely possible with natural ingredients!


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