Tingling Mud Mask
Tingling Mud Mask

Tingling Mud Mask

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A classic mud mask that's an all-around workhorse for your problem skin. That funny feeling is the bentonite clay, zinc oxide, and tea tree oil working together to detox your pores and make those pesky bumps disappear. The result is smooth skin for days. We made this mask for the folks who need a truly effective face mask for acne, so pack on a deep-cleaning layer to your skin and let the mask get to work.

"This is my go to mask when I start to feel bumps coming. This always smooths my skin out within a couple days!" - @beccflix

"I can really feel my face tingling and it leaves my skin glowing when I take it off." - @azairerobertson


Bentonite Clay has ridiculous natural benefits for the skin like:

  • negative ions which expels toxins in the skin
  • gentle exfoliation

Zinc Oxide is more than just a sunscreen! It works as:

  • an astringent that dries acne spots
  • absorbs excess oil (bye oily skin!)

And lastly, we couldn't forget about your fave, Tea Tree Oil which packs a punch with:

  • high antimicrobial properties
  • actively diminishes your acne


Bentonite Clay, Water (Aqua), Denatured Alcohol, Zinc Oxide, Castor Oil (Ricinus Communis Seed), Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf) Oil


Use a brush or hands to apply an even layer to the entire face until no skin is visible from underneath. Ensure dry hands or brush when removing mask from jar to keep the product fresh and free of bacteria. Once dry, rinse off with water completely then go back in with face wash to remove excess residue.