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Our Sustainability Efforts

Written by Jamika, the founder of ROSEN

If you don't know by now, we love the planet. We try to lessen your environmental impact by making sure you don't have to think about it. Why? Because as a founder, I truly believe that waves of environmental change happen when big companies, brands and suppliers make the impactful decisions at a macro level instead of forcing millions of micro changes.

So here's a quick and easy blog post on what we're doing for the planet here at ROSEN. Want to see us do more or have ideas? Drop a comment, we would love to hear your feedback and implement your ideas.


  1. 100% Compostable Mailers, because who needs wasteful plastic or heavy boxes? We choose these because, uh, they're compostable!! Also, shipping with mailers makes your shipment lighter which means less emissions and a happier planet.
  2. Natural Products. Duh, you probably knew that. If you didn't- hi, we're ROSEN, a cleaner more thoughtful acne care brand. This means less of an environmental impact when you're thinking about things like water pollution, soil pollution, etc...
  3. Plastic Containers. This is one a lot of folks get confused about, but let me breakdown why we did plastic. First, less breakage which means less likely of a chance that we have to waste emissions shipping you out another package because the first one broke. Second, lighter shipments. The heavier shipments are, the more of an impact they have on the planet. So by using plastic instead of glass, we not only lighten your shipment, but the massive shipments of bottles/jars that we get from our suppliers.
  4. Bottle Buy Back. Okay, this isn't a thing yet, but maybe by the time you're reading this in the future, it will be. Basically, we're obsessed with what Lush does to reuse containers! We plan to implement a bottle/jar buyback program to literally re-use ROSEN bottles and jars!
  5. Recycled Paper. Basically every paper you get from us is 90-100% recycled. Zines, pamphlets, info cards, etc... are all ordered online from a supplier who uses recycled paper instead of the new stuff. Pretty sweet, we know.
  6. Minimal Packaging. If you order from us online, forget all that other nonsense. We know that certain containers, boxes, etc... are all way more Instagrammable, but like, what's the cost? Is an Instagram tag worth more than the environment? So that's why we keep it strictly labels and bottles/jars.
  7. Packaging Choices. This hits back to the Instagram-worthiness of a brand. Squeeze tubes are soo cool. So is different bottle and jar styles for each product. But then that not only makes our impact larger by having to buy tons of different types of packaging/SKU, but how reusable is a squeeze tube? We love our simple bottles and jars because you can re-use them at home in your own fun ways!

Now, there's probably more stuff to highlight here, because there are so many tiny decisions we make each day. But, rest assured, we've got you and the planet top of mind when we make choices here at ROSEN. Some of you may not mind or care about this as much, but as someone who does, thank you for making a cleaner, greener choice every time you shop with ROSEN πŸ’ž




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