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Earth Kit

Written by Jamika, the founder of ROSEN


A powerfully natural, earth inspired duo for breakouts.

The Earth Kit hits two birds with one stone:

1) A powerful, breakout fighting cleanser

2) A moisturizing mask specifically for breakouts

The inspiration behind these two products actually comes from my benzoyl peroxide face wash. I was used to using a cream consistency on my face for 7-14 days out of the month to keep breakouts at bay, but I wanted something more. Something funner and cleaner, so I got to work.

As you probably know by now, there are tons of earthy ingredients that are great for acne-prone skin, but some of the most inspiring at the moment are Fuller's Earth Clay, Zinc Oxide and Eucalyptus. These are just three of the powerful ingredients in this combination that I'll dive into below.

Both the cleanser and mask are super similar in ingredient lists, the main difference is the use. One has a soap ingredient which makes it a face wash. That coupled with Xanthan Gum and a bunch of cool powders gives it the consistency. On the other hand, the mask is an actual cream with the powders mixed in. They both contain the same active ingredients at roughly the same percentages, but the base is the main difference.



This is a clay powder that is especially good for oily, acne-prone skin. This clay powder is great at absorbing excess oils and even helping to reduce the appearance of scars and marks.


Zinc has really great astringent properties, which basically means it helps to dry out any inflamed bumps and pimples. It helps with excess oils and keeps large bumps and breakouts at bay.


This is an ingredient that is great at balancing skin's oil levels, redness and pore appearance. Niacinamide can help reduce the size of pores, even out skin tone and reduce the inflammation of your skin- a big root of acne.


Spirulina is a more gentle ingredient as it helps your skin retain moisture and is packed with antioxidants. That means it will help your skin fight free radicals and signs of uneven skin tone! It's also an anti-inflammatory ingredient.


This essential oil is super antiseptic, which means it's great for breakouts and bumps. It also contains astringent properties to help dry out any active pimples you're dealing with.


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