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Do You Need Preservatives?

Written by Jamika Martin, the founder of ROSEN

When I first started ROSEN, we were preservative-free. Not because we didn’t believe in them, but because I literally didn’t even think about them. Safe to say, the samples I made to try out at home went very bad very quickly.


I feel like they get a very negative rep, and I’m not entirely sure why. I think it’s mostly because there are so many synthetic and sketchy preservatives out there, like the all-hated PARABENS. But, the truth is, there are a lot of good preservatives too. Well, I don’t know about a lot because finding natural preservatives is actually a pain, but they do exist!


Because without them, you get a bunch of lame stuff like yeast or mold or other bacteria growth. Basically, you need preservatives (and the right blend of them) to make sure the products that are going on your face aren’t spoiled.

Preservatives we use:

  • Denatured Alcohol
  • Leucidal Liquid
  • Amticide Coconut


This was the only preservative we used when we got started. We used it because one of the first products we made here at ROSEN was our Tingling Mud Mask and -long story short- denatured alcohol was the only natural ingredient we could find to preserve our masks. So, from there we said, “sweet, we’ve got our preservative”. However, after listening to you all, we made a switch and all of our daily products are now alcohol-free. Honestly, we would be 100% down to make our masks alcohol-free as well, if that didn’t mean they would start growing mold.


This is the ingredient in all of our products called Lactobacillus Ferment. This preservative is a probiotic-based ingredient created by the fermentation of Lactobacillus. Lactobacillus is like a micro-organism and if you head to your local health-food store, you’ll see it’s one of the main things in probiotics. Basically, this preservative is fermented good bacteria that helps restrict the growth of bad bacteria because it’s pH is so low.


Contrary to popular belief, we do not use coconut oil in any of our products! The Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract in our products is this preservative! Basically, they make this preservative by fermenting lactobacillus (wow shoutout to probiotics again) and coconut fruit to protect against yeast and mold. This preservative supplements the Leucidal by stopping the growth of some gross things.

The tricky thing about natural preservation, is you usually need to combine multiple ingredients to get the desired results. But it’s so cool when it works because you have made sure no bacteria or mold grow in your products from natural ingredients! Like fermented coconut and probiotics keep these products safe and if you don’t think that’s cool then I don’t know what to say.


  • Preservatives are good and super necessary if you have water in any of your products
  • There are natural and safe preservatives out there
  • Lactobacillus is an MVP
  • We still are searching for a natural and cleaner preservative option for our masks




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