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Dealing With Acne: Emily Pt 2

Written by @emilykeel_

Unfortunately, there isn’t one magic recipe to cure acne. What works for one person may not work for another.

We are bombarded by so much information online about skin clearing diets, products and medications that will rid us from our problem skin forever - but what will actually help? There isn’t one answer, we are all so different and our skin doesn’t respond in the same way. To look at it in a really positive light, we are all wonderfully unique!

So how can we deal with our acne? How can we accept the reflection that can be so heartbreaking to look at in the mirror? I think the answer to that question is practicing self love.

Self love has become one of those trendy words that is thrown around social media, but it actually is a very important part of your development and self acceptance. When we have acne, our self esteem and confidence often plummets - I know that first hand. As my skin worsened last year, so did my mental health. I found it very difficult to look at myself every morning. I hated the thought of seeing anyone that I knew and my anxiety got worse and worse. I was crying everyday and I didn’t know what else to do.

It wasn’t until I decided that I needed to focus loving myself, despite my skin, that things started getting better. We have so many beautiful qualities but sometimes it is easy to forget about them when all we can think about is our spots. But trust me, once we start putting our energy and focus into our good bits, we feel so much better. Instead of criticizing yourself, pick something that you actually like about yourself and say it to yourself. For example, when you are about to moan about your skin, think about how shiny your hair is or about the good deed you did that day.

"Using social media in the right way, to spread awareness and self love, can make dealing with acne so much easier. "

We live in an incredible superficial world nowadays, it makes living with acne even harder. But luckily there is this great ‘acne community’ online. It has helped me massively! Seeing less ‘perfect’ images online helps us to realize that we are all different and that is what is truly beautiful. Using social media in the right way, to spread awareness and self love, can make dealing with acne so much easier.

I still have low moments and days that I find things tough, but practicing self love its helping me to accept my imperfect skin and love it regardless of what it looks like. Dealing with acne is a rollercoaster but if you’re suffering you are not alone! Acne does not mean that you aren’t enough, it means that you are strong, beautiful and amazingly unique. Be kind to yourself.


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