Acne Is Normal: Nazhaya

A letter to you reading this article,

Acne is normal. Acne is very normal. An even better way to describe is COMMON. I had no idea how many people in this gigantic world, on this entire planet, suffer from acne. I use the word suffer because you. Literally. Suffer.

For those of you who have no idea what its like to experience acne, here’s a brief overview:

No part of life can be simple. Your skin basically requires an incubator to protect you from bacteria. You can NEVER touch your face. You second guess resting your face on your hand, you don't allow A SOUL on your bed with outside clothes (say Amen to yourself if you felt that last one.) You regret everything bad you eat the next day. The decision to consume cheese or not is a constant internal battle. Fragrance lotions are off limits. You have a surplus of skin care treatments, masks, pigmentation fixers, bha’s, exfoliators, toners...are you feeling me yet?


I was fed up with fighting myself, hating my face and feeling like I was worth nothing. In the beginning I was angry because I thought “Why is this happening to me?” I didn’t deserve what was happening to my skin. It just kept getting worse. I was always told I was beautiful and I just believed it was true since so many people said I was. Once my skin got really bad, I all of a sudden had no idea what I thought of myself. If every person I walked past in the street didn’t see me as attractive then duh, I must look ugly! I felt like this would be my new life.

It’s a shame that many of us rely on outside opinions to confirm what we should already know. I never took the time to figure out what it was about me that I loved. I just felt that as long as everyone else thought I was beautiful I had nothing to worry about. Subsequently, I decided to view my acne outbreak as a wake up call. It was time to figure out what made Nazhaya Barcelona beautiful, what made her light up a room, what made her smile, what made her passion spill out of her when she spoke? This became the road to self- love and it’s been a beautiful ride ever since.


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