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Hi there! My name is Rubi, and I am a passionate skincare, hair and beauty blogger based in Toronto. I love sharing my honest thoughts and reviews on my IG page @queenrubi.xo. I also really enjoy creating one minute videos to show how products work for me so that my audience can get a closer look at how I use them. Check out my blog so we can obsess over skincare and beauty products together! <3


"This is an interesting cleanser as it’s not gel or oil based, rather it’s like you’re literally cleansing your face with a smoothie jam packed with strawberry, lemon and raspberry powder to help smooth and brighten the skin."


"My go-to moisturizer I reach for when my skin is really acting up is Moonlight Moisturizer! Not only is it full of niacinamide which is staple for an acne-prone routine but it also contains licorice root extract to help reduce scarring."


"Bright Citrus Serum has 20% Vitamin C that I love incorporating part of my daily routine to really help with discoloration. It’s gentle enough to use part of my day and night routine."



I wash my face in the morning usually just with water, and then move on to using Vitamin C and a moisturizer and some sort of oil or spray to seal everything in. When I am going out, I try to be more conscious about incorporating SPF into my routine. For my night routine, I double cleanse and then go in with an eye cream and an essence/serum to help products really absorb into my skin. Then, I use some sort of chemical exfoliant with AHAs and BHAs (a few times a week), a moisturizer or sleep mask and then seal with an oil. Then it’s lights out!


ROSEN products have made such a huge impact on my skin! Being acne-prone and sensitive, I have had great results with everything I have tried from ROSEN. When I was stressed out, my skin really acted up and the results you see show how effective and quick these products work!


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