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ROSEN: Where Magic Happens. Check Out Our Before and Afters!

Throughout my entire life I have always dealt with acne and was always very insecure due to the severity of it. A majority of my acne was cystic acne, which left many dark spots that made me feel ugly. Since high school, I have tried many skincare lines, but many made my skin even worse. I do have very sensitive skin and started giving up on finding a good skincare for myself and then ROSEN came into my life.
I decided to give ROSEN Skincare a try about a year and a half ago and within 2 weeks of using it my skin started clearing up and my dark spots slowly started to fade and has been glowing and clear ever since. The ingredients are very natural and do not irritate my skin at all.



"I love mixing it into my moisturizer and it has done justice to fading out dark spots that I have been trying to get rid of for weeks!"
"The Rose Water Face Dew is very light on my skin and doesn’t make my skin feel oily like other rose waters! I love how it doesn’t sit on top of my skin and actually soaks into it and keeps its hydrated without feeling heavy!"

"The Super Smoothie is is very light and non irritable on my skin! It leaves my skin feeling very smooth and keeps it glowing as well! "



I start by cleaning my face with the Super Smoothie Cleanser and pat my face dry with a towel. I then use the Gold Tides Toner to get that extra cleanse and also helps smooth, exfoliate, and brightens up my face. After this, I pat the Paloma Serum into my face, which this serum helps with my texture and fades out my dark spots. I then drop some of the Bright Citrus Serum into my moisturizer and mix these two together and nicely rub them into my skin. Lastly, I spray the Rose Water Face Dew to keep my face hydrated and glowing.


My favorite ROSEN products by far has to be the Bright Citrus Serum, the Super Smoothie Cleanser, the Gold Tides Toner, and can’t forget about their Rose Water Face Dew which keeps my skin glowing and hydrated.


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