We're so happy to have you. You joining our team to promote our brand and products means that ROSEN is something you truly believe in and are willing to share with others, and that means more than you can know. This page will be full of resources for you + any upcoming promotions or campaigns will be outlined here. If you need to get in touch, you can use the button below to email us!



Recommending skincare one to one is by far the most effective method. We love one on one conversations, because it challenges the way we think about recommending in today's social media age.

Sharing your favorite cleanser or serum with your friend or a follower directly who has a skincare question will definitely have them more likely to purchase!


Recommending a product or brand in mass is definitely what most folks think of when it comes to being an affiliate. It's a great way to boost earnings, especially with a larger following, but it has a much lower success rate.

We love this option for a general update or whenever you want to offer unsolicited skincare advice, since doing that one on one isn't really a great strategy. But when you can, having those personal convos always wins (for your earnings and their trust)!


We've got some fun things going on this month including the launch of a new product! Click through to see what promotions, deals, launches or news we have that you can utilize as content and share with your followers.


We have continued to keep our affiliate earneings at 25% for the remainder of this month. We might extend it in to May as well, it truly just depends on everythign going on. We hope this can be even a little helpful to you all during this time!


We launched tow new products last month which have quickly become top performers for us. Sometimes, you just know which ingredients and product stories are going to hit and with HA + Pineapple + Kojic, how could it not?? We also revamped our site. Keep an eye out for some other fun things when it comes to branding and our look.


Our #skinbyROSEN hashtag is still going and we've already selected our first winner! To be eligible, the hashtag must be used on new images in the feed. Winners will receive a $50 gift card to ROSEN Skincare.

To celebrate the launch of this new program, we'll be selecting a winner every other week for the first two months! Anyone who has used ROSEN can enter, so let's get that #skinbyROSEN hashtag + @rosenskincare tag on all your selfies!


As you may know, this affiliate program is invitation only. However, for all of our customers or other folks who want to spread the word about ROSEN, we've started a referral program!

Customers can sign up for an account here where they will earn store credit for each order they send our way! Discount for their friends and followers and free ROSEN for them, win-win!


"that ROSEN glow 🌹
y’all hear me talking about ROSEN all the time, but it’s because it’s really THE staple brand in my routine. the RWFD is my favorite product to hydrate my skin and to add that extra glow when i’m going for a dewy makeup look."

"Paloma Serum is a really nice and very affordable AHA/BHA serum... that I find to be quite gentle and brightening. I have actually stopped using Drunk Elephant’s TLC Framboos because this is more effective for me personally and at literally a fraction of the cost"

"I have been using products from @rosenskincare for a couple years now & they give me the confidence to go makeup free. I swear by their products — my personal favourite is the moonlight moisturizer! It leaves me feeling hydrated & glowy throughout the day"

"Of course I didn’t use all of these products after the gym but I love this routine for helping brighten and hydrate my skin, and fade scars...
This is not sponsored. I just love this brand and what they stand for so just wanted to share the good news! 😊"


We've compiled a bunch of resources to help you create the best content you can. Tap through to take access of our ROSEN resources + some other things we think you'll find helpful for any piece of content you make.


A compilation of photos that we've taken in house or hired out to take. Using your own photos is always the best option, but if you need some inspiration or just a plain product shot to post, these are for you to utilize!


An ever growing document of templates from Canva that you can use for all your ROSEN needs. Or even non-ROSEN needs, we don't really mind.


A list of some free presets to up your selfie or product shot game.