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Powerfully Natural: Frankincense

Written by Tia Taylor, @schontia

Many of us are familiar with the word frankincense. We might have seen it somewhere or in some product, but we're not really sure of all the benefits this ingredient provides. You may have heard of using frankincense to deal with stress levels, blood pressure or even pain relief. However, frankincense is also such a great ingredient for your skin.

Frankincense has a sweet but woody scent and is harvested from the gum resin of trees called the Boswellia sacra tree which live in northeastern Africa and India. Frankincense oils are produced is by taking the gum resin out of the tree, leaving the resin out to dry and then distilling it into an essential oil. There are even other forms of frankincense that can be used aside from essential oil like powders or extracts.


This ingredient helps with dry skin and oily skin by rejuvenating and promoting healthy circulation throughout. Frankincense also helps reduce the appearance of age spots, scars, and stretch marks.

Frankincense is a natural disinfectant. That means, when you use products with this ingredient, it can help get rid of bacteria
on the skin. The same bacteria that can cause breakouts or acne. So that basically means frankincense = less breakouts.

Additionally, frankincense encourages the production of new healthy skin cells and can help to tighten the skin. These new healthy skin cells are going to be a huge key for fading dark spots or scarring!


  • Helps heal scarring
  • Helps to prevent acne and breakouts
  • Great for oily or acne prone skin
  • Has natural astringent properties

When comparing tea tree oil to frankincense it's clear that both target acne. Tea tree oil is such a huge ingredient for acne-prone skin! You should start thinking about how you can incorporate frankincense into your routine to get some similar effects! The largest difference between, tea tree and frankincense would be that frankincense helps with healing scarring! Tea tree is a great anti-microbial and anti-fungal ingredient (as is frankincense!), but it doesn't have the power to help the appearance of dark spots like frankincense does. Listen, we know folks love tea tree oil (so do we!) for breakouts, but we think if you gave it a chance- you'd love frankincense even more.

Check out our Enzyme Scrub which contains 5% frankincense. Your perfect daily exfoliant for oily, acne prone skin and dark spots.


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