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Dealing With Pt. 2: Emma Taylor

Written by @myacnepage

Hi, here’s part 2 of my blog post! In this post, I’m going to share my tips and tricks on feeling more self confident and just gaining a a lot more love for yourself.

growing in self love

Self love isn’t something that can just appear overnight, it’s a process. BUT, taking part in this process and working to grow your self love will make you feel so much better in the end!

You can’t expect others to accept you for who you are before you truly accept yourself✨

Accepting yourself means embracing the compliments and not focusing too much on the negatives! Too many times we push away compliments because we don’t believe they’re true. We do this because we don’t have enough self love and self acceptance! Stop pushing away compliments and push away the negatives instead. I can honestly tell you it will make you feel so so so much better.


✨Do the things you enjoy

✨Have fun, enjoy yourself

✨No matter how hard it is, don’t focus on your skin because I guarantee that no one else is focusing on it.

Let's be real, the majority of the time, no one else is focusing on your skin and this is the truth! For so much of my time with acne I was self conscious and I wasn’t myself because I thought everyone was staring and judging me. But in reality, people weren't. If you're around good people, they will look for the positives in you, not try and point out the negatives.

Instead of worrying about how the rest of the world sees you, enjoy yourself. We all want self love, to do the things we love, have fun, and live our lives to its fullest. Just be yourself, because that’s what people will love the most about you!


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