Bottle/Jar Buyback Program

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Let's help the planet! Since ROSEN is still a small brand, we aren't able to do 100% Post-Consumer Recycled bottles. However, we are able to continue to find ways to do our best. 

Our Bottle/Jar Buyback Program is similar to a Lush Cosmetics or MAC model, where you return used packaging to us for a free product! 

To be eligible: You must be a US resident and send in 6 ROSEN bottles and/or jars. Anything less than 6, we'll just assume it's a gift :)

The steps are simple:

1) Add this to your cart. This will notify us that you have bottles/jars to return.

2) We will send out an empty mailer + a return label to the address provided on the order.

3) Enclose your 6 or more bottles/jars in the empty mailer, stick the provided label on the outside (make sure you cover the old label), and drop off at your local USPS.

4) Once we get your bottles/jars back, we'll email you to see which product you'd like and get you your free product! Unless, of course, you send less than 6. Then we'll just have to assume you were sending them back to us as a gift :)