Get Clear Skin & Fight Acne, Naturally.

Struggling with breakouts? How about oily skin? Or are you trying to fade acne scars? Join the club. We've compiled a list of the top natural ingredients for acne, because solving your skin shouldn't mean you have to compromise on ingredients.

Tea Tree Oil

Typical, we know. But that's because Tea Tree Oil is actually really good for acne. It's so high in anti-microbial properties that it really does great things for clearing up difficult spots. Anti-microbial basically means it fights against all of that bacteria in your skin causing breakouts. Plus, it's been studied that a 5% solution of Tea Tree Oil is just as effective as a 5% solution of benzoyl peroxide. That's good stuff.

Grapefruit Oil

This is not so typical, but definitely helpful! Grapefruit oil also has super great anti-microbial properties and helps to regulate oil production on your skin. Be careful though, as a citrus essential oil, you should only use this when diluted to about 1-2% on your skin and always follow with SPF.


It's not just for seasoning your food! This ingredient is also anti-septic and anti-microbial to fight existing acne. Turmeric also naturally reduces oil secretion and regulates your sebum production. Lastly, Turmeric also contains a high percentage of Curcumin which reduces melanin production. No, this is not for skin bleaching, but it does help fade those left over marks from past bumps.

Don't stop there, we've got way more waiting for you.

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