Hi there! Thank you so so much for becoming an affiliate with ROSEN Skincare. We appreciate you and your support so much. 

who we are.

ROSEN is a newer, younger way of thinking about natural skincare. When we say “natural,” we mean it: no unpronounceable compounds, no unnecessary fillers, and no stuff that causes skin damage and irritation. We also mean powerful ingredients that actually work for your acne-prone, oily, dry, or otherwise annoying skin.

We want you to be confident, comfortable, and happy with yourself and in the skin you have. We also believe that you should understand what you're putting on your face, so we're committed to transparency about what's in our products, how we make and source them, and what makes them so effective. We started ROSEN because we couldn't find anything like it on the market, and we know that the struggle to find stuff that works is so, so real.

affiliate program.

Having you as one of our affiliates is truly an honor. As a small skincare company coming out of Los Angeles, we appreciate your support with growing our brand and getting our products in front of new people. 

With your link and coupon code, your followers can now experience our products and the results that come with them, thanks to you! Each time a friend, follower, or maybe even some random person, uses your link or code for a purchase, you earn money.

So make sure you are making it clear to your fans that they can save with your coupon code and that they should be entering it when they checkout because, if not, we have no way of getting your earnings to you.

sample posts.

Take it from @beccflix, sharing skincare products on Instagram can be completely authentic and still have your feed looking perfect. Here, she snaps a glowing selfie to show off the results that our Rose Water Face Dew has brought her along with clearly dropping her coupon code for her followers.

Some other samples of posts can include a beautiful product close up with captions like:

"My key to dewy, glowy skin. If you want to try it, you can use my code X to save 15%!"

"All of the scars on my face have faded so quickly from the Bright Citrus Serum and my skin is so bright and radiant now! Use my code X to save some money."

In our experience, selfies of your beautiful skin tend to bring the most clicks to your link and conversions on the site. Followers want realness and love to see the results you are getting from our products.


Here are some of our favorite photos that we like to use. Feel free to download them, share them on your own platforms, put them as your background, whatever you want!


If you have any questions about your coupon code, link or anything else about being an affiliate with us, please do not hesitate to reach out! Email us at