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Vitamin C and Why You Need it in your Skin Care Routine


Vitamin C has been a well-known ingredient in most skin care products. Studies have shown that Vitamin C can improve your skin when using it religiously. It's most beneficial when applied to your neck and face. Nutrients, similar to Vitamin C, don't always reach the surface of your skin so it's important to incorporate Vitamin C into your routine. Here's some reasons why:

1.) It's an Effective Anti-Aging Additive

Vitamin C slows down the process of aging by reducing collagen degradation and instead promotes the formation of collagen. Including this in your every day regimen will help produce new skin cells. 

2.) It Combats Existing and Future Sun Damage

With summer coming to an end, I'm sure there's been a few of us that might have slipped up on using sun screen. Vitamin C improves the the appearance of sun damage on our skin. It also helps the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines. For next summer, make sure to use a Vitamin C serum. It's boosts the effectiveness of your sun screen and will help with the healing of your skin if you do get burned. 

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