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Tips to prepare for Fall!


Tips to prepare for Fall!

  • It's the time we've all been dreading, time to say goodbye to Summer! On the bright side we can say hello to Fall fashion! ROSEN composed a list of some of our Fall must-haves when it comes to fashion.

  • Cover up that neck! Scarves are an absolute must in Fall for both style and keeping you warm! These can be an extremely fun accessory because of its versitality. Scarves come in different colors, materials, lengths and styles. It can change a whole outfit. For example, wearing all black with a bright red scarf catches a lot of stares! You can use the same scarf interchangeably with different outfits to give you the edge you need. They're add to every outfit oh AND it can protect your neck from catching a cold during the cold weather! What is better than that?!

  • Let me see those...BOOTS! The Fall allows us to get very creative with our boot choices. Short boots, mid way boots, or thigh highs are always in fashion. You can try something new and stand out with boots that are brightly colored or stay classic with he Black boot. Last Fall I purchased thigh high boots from Aldo that were the talk of the town (although they were not too comfortable). It is also important to search for comfortable shoes if you'll be walking or dancing. Uncomfortable boots (which are often the cutest) are great for a dinner or short get-together with not as much movement as the dance club. Aldo along with Steve Madden are my personal faves and they usually have great Fall sales. If you're looking for more pocket friendly options, you can get very lucky at Mashalls, Ross, and Nordstrom Rack!

  • Layers, layers, oh and more layers. One of the best looks of the Fall are the layers! One of my favorite looks is a t-shit layered under a jacket or sweater with a scarf to top it all off! It helps keep you warm as well as stylish (yes it is possible to be both!)

  • Leather jacket: yes! For Leather jackets top sellers are from Top Shop, Zara, and H&M. Leather jackets are warm, and super classic. They never go out of style! They add a "badass" flare to any outfit. They range in colors and styles. Classic black is my absolute favorite. I've also seen people rock leather jackets with holes in them! Talk about edgy..

  • Where'd you get that hat? Nothing like a nice fedora! It adds personality to any outfit. The classic camel colored fedora is seen a lot in the Fall.  

  • Madonna taught me! Leg warmers are hand down one of the cutest styles. It brings an 80's flare to any outfit and it allows you to be super creative. I've seen sky blue leggings add color to an all black outfit. They can be put over any pants but leg warmers over leggings is a classic look.

  • Skirt and Tights: I got this idea while spending last Fall in France. It was cold but women were still rocking skirts! It was amazing. They worse classic black tights or switched it up to something with more color. A leather skirt or any other skirt was used over the tights and it remained  in my mind for me to try when I came back to the US!

  • These are just some of our personal faves for Fall fashion. If you have anything to add to the list or a comment about Fall fashion please let us know on our Facebook page!