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Tips On Keeping Your Skin Hydrated During The Summer Months!


Fall may just be around the corner but Summer continues heat things up! It is important during this time to pay close attention to your skin and give it the TLC that it is begging you for. ROSEN compiled some important tips to make sure your skin does not go neglected!

1. Lips Need Love To!

That's right, the lips are the most sensitive part of the face. During the Summer months it is easier for them to become dry and cracked which can be a huge annoyance. There are many products for the lips that tend to dry them out even more with their harsh chemicals. That is a major no-no. One of my go-to products that I absolutely cannot live without is the Aquaphor lip repair tube. This gives long lasting (3-5 hours) moisture and softness to the lips. Another tip is that it adds shine and worked perfectly underneath a lip gloss or lip stick. I don't know about you all but lip stick/gloss definitely dries my lips! Aquaphor Lip Repair is found in most major stores such as Wal-mart, CVS, Target, Rite-Aid and Walgreens.

2. Don't Be Thirsty!

Yes, water really is life. In order to have great skin you must take care of what's inside the body also. Drinking water cools down the body tremendously and it helps with hydration of the skin.

3. Keep It Cool!

While out and about in the Summer, your face can heat up which can lead to break-outs and rashes. One of our favorite products is our very own Rose Water Face Dew! It serves to cool down the skin, replenish, freshen, and hydrate the skin! It can be used over make-up without ruining it and it is ALL NATURAL Take a look at the ingredient list here:

4. Baths/Showers!

Taking a cool bath and or shower during the day serves to cool the skin down and calm the skin if it has become raised or irritated because of the sun. Adding oil before a bath/shower holds moisture into the body for a long time and leaves you with soft skin. One of my favorite oils to rub into my skin before I bathe is unrefined Coconut Oil. It can be purchased on any major retailer online or a natural food store such as Trader Joes or Sprouts.

5. Don't forget about the scalp!

The scalp can be easy to forget about. It can become extremely dry and flakey during hot temperatures. I tend to struggle with eczema in the summer months that can also lead to my scalp needing more attention. One of my all time favorite products that relieves my scalp of dryness is Tea Tree Oil. I use a mix of Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil and rub it into my scalp twice daily. It is 100% natural and it is very effective for me. Again, Tea Tree Oil can be found online on any major retail website such as amazon. It is also in natural stores/markets. Another favorite for dry scalp and hair growth is Jamaican Castor Oil which is found online or in Target.

6. Last but not least..

Do not forget about Sun screen! Sun screen is an absolute must in order to protect your skin from the sun. The skin can become dry and hard from being in the sun for too long so a natural an hydrating sunscreen can relieve you from potential skin issues from the sun. Since I struggle with Eczema and sensitive skin I choose moisturizing sun screens that are natural and do not have fragrance. One of my favorites is from Trader Joes.


I hope these tips help! Remember to be natural, confident, and YOU!