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ROSEN'S 5 Tips For Being the Best YOU Possible!



We all have our days where we just feel out of the loop. Balancing a busy schedule with school, work, friends, and family can leave you emotionally and physically exhausted. This is also the time where we tend to forget about taking care of ourselves too! Here at ROSEN we've created 5 tips for being the best YOU possible!

Tip #1: Treat Yourself!

That's right, give yourself a treat. Whether it is taking yourself out to eat, or going out to the movies this will leave you feeling great. With all of life's responsibilities on our minds daily, a dinner and dessert and movie ticket can definitely serve as the gift you deserve after a long day or a long week. It serves as a reminder that we all deserve a treat every now and then!

Tip #2: Pamper Yourself!

What's life without a little glamour? Yes, we're talkin' hair, nails, spa. Going out and pampering yourself by getting your hair and nails done or going to the spa certainly can have you feeling like yourself again. Try a new fresh look or a new color and fall in love with yourself again. That massage and facial can have you feeling like a new person once you walk out.

Tip #3: Try a New Hair & Skin Regime

Hello? Are you out there? There are so many hair and skin regimes to explore! Whether you want clearer, softer, or brighter skin there's something out there for you. When it comes to skin we got your back here at ROSEN. Our Tingling Mud Mask is made out of all natural ingredients and it will attack acne by detoxifying your pores and give you that clear skin you always wanted. One of the hair trends we're all seeing lately is the "braid-out." Whether you have curly or straight hair, this method is one to try! 

Tip #4: Go For a Jog/Hike

Here in Southern California, hiking trails are in abundance. It can be challenging but the scenery and the fresh air is exhilarating. Once you reach the end of your hiking journey you feel like you have accomplished so much. It is a feeling that reminds you that any goal is possible to reach! If hiking is not an option for you, a simple jog will have you feeling great. Once you finish that jog you will feel like any problems in your life are behind you.

Tip #5: Take a Trip!

Need to just get away for a bit? Great idea! Do what you can do to get a change of scenery whether it is on a plane to another part of your state, in a completely different state, or in a different country! Rather drive? Great too! A nice ride to somewhere new will give your mind a break! Even taking the train or a bus somewhere new can serve as a way to get back to yourself and be the best YOU possible.