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Makeup Advice From Celebrity Make-up Artist Sheba Snow!


This week ROSEN sat down with celebrity makeup artist Sheba Snow to find out a little more about her as well as her makeup/skincare go-to's!

ROSEN: Please tell me a bit about yourself! 

@ShebaSnowMUA: I was born in Bangladesh and raised in the city of Los Angeles since the age of six. I went to college for sociology but felt the needs to pursue my desire for beauty and fashion. I ended going to makeup school to pursue my dreams and since making that decision, so many doors opened for me and welcomed me into the industry.

ROSEN: How did you get into makeup?

@ShebaSnowMUA: Ever since I can remember, I was always a super girly-girl. I would always play in my mom's makeup and I would get in trouble for taking it to school. Although I didn't wear it much myself, I was always putting it on my friends and my mom. She was my number one model. All throughout high school and college, I was always the one people came to for makeup and beauty advice.

ROSEN: What are some of your favorite makeup products?

@ShebaSnowMUA: I love using Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue which is a tinted moisturizer, my favorite concealer is also from Bare Minerals and it's called BareSkin, my favorite powders and bronzers are from Covergirl Queen collection (the best for brown girls!), I love KaBrow from Benefit for my brows, Mac eyeshadows are probably my favorite because they are so pigmented, Maybelline has the best mascaras, and I'm a lipgloss fanatic so I'm always experimenting with different brands and different glosses.

ROSEN: What are some of your favorite beauty products in general (hair, skin, etc)

@ShebaSnowMUA: Some of my favorite beauty products are: Mario Badescu rose water spray, fresh aloe vera, Jamaican black castor oil for my hair, tea tree oil for my scalp, coconut oil, and Shea moisture hair mask.

ROSEN: What ingredients are important for you in a face mask?

@ShebaSnowMUA: My favorite ingredients to use in different variations of face masks are: honey, fresh lemon juice, plain yogurt, tumeric, neem plant, fresh fruit puree, aloe vera, brown sugar, oatmeal, and of course, water.

ROSEN: Why are natural products so important to you?

@ShebaSnowMUA: Growing up, I would watch my mom and aunt use a lot of natural ingredients and they would substitute them for their skin care. When using natural products, you know exactly what you're putting on your face. Whereas, when you're buying something store-bought, we're not sure what we're putting on our face. Sometimes we can't even pronounce some of the ingredients listed on the packaging.

ROSEN: What are your beliefs about confidence and self love? In other words, how does a woman achieve these two?

@ShebaSnowMUA: One must have self-love in order to feel confident about themselves. It's important to constantly remind yourself that you're unique, you're different, you're special and you're beautiful in your own special way. In this time, we're constantly reminded to be someone else, look like someone else, dress like them, act like them, etc. That's why it's so important to train girls from when they're babies to embrace their uniqueness and love themselves for all that they are.

ROSEN: Do you have any special makeup techniques?

@ShebaSnowMUA: I focus a lot on keeping my skin healthy and young because having good skin is the most expensive foundation that you can buy. I love to use a liquid illuminator in all my highlight areas underneath my makeup to bring out that really beautiful, healthy glow.

ROSEN: What is your favorite part about being a makeup artist?

@ShebaSnowMUA: I love bringing confidence out of women by showing them that a little makeup can accentuate their already beautiful features. Handing a woman the mirror after I have completed the application and watching them mesmorized by their own beauty gives me so much gratification.

ROSEN: Do you have any favorite makeup memories?

@ShebaSnowMUA: Yes, I started a program called "A Beautiful You" where I surprise women with a make-over. Seeing their surprised reaction is so rewarding. Most of these women I have met but I always make an instant connection with them through this experience.

ROSEN: What is the technique to achieving a natural look?


@ShebaSnowMUA: Again, it all comes back to having great skin because if you don't have good skin you'll have to pile a lot of makeup on and it won't look natural. It's so important to take care of your skin and drink a ton water so you can achieve a very natural look wearing minimal makeup.

ROSEN: what is the top product your clients ask for or look for recommendations on?

@ShebaSnowMUA: My clients are always asking me what I do to keep my skin looking young, healthy, and so fresh. So of course, I share my face mask recipes with them.

ROSEN: what have you learned about skincare working with clients with different skin types?

Everyone has a different skin type, but I've learned that when using natural ingredients it tends to work on just about every single skin type.