ROSEN's Review of the 60th Annual Grammy's

Chances are, you're probably mad at at least one of the outcomes from the other night. To be honest, I can't say I don't agree. But what I know that everyone can agree on is that the 60th Annual Grammy's had some great looks and even better music, collectively. 

So, I put together a quick recap of my favorite looks and sounds from the Grammys. Bask in the beauty that is elite Hollywood and maybe even save some of these pictures for a new background on your phone (I know I did).

SZAOkay so honestly, SZA got snubbed. Like so heavy, I am honestly still in shock. I really felt that she would win at least one award and I thought she was a for sure on the Best New Artist award. One thing that I did see was a list of notable losers of Best New Artist (check it out here) and it makes the loss sting less. Regardless of a win or lose, she looked absolutely flawless on the red carpet and we can only aspire to be so graceful.

Gary Clark Jr

You might not know who Gary Clark Jr. is, but he performed the hell out of Chuck Berry and Fats Domino on Sunday night. Gary makes some great music and is so different from most of the other black musicians I listen to. He also came to the Grammy's looking smooth in this velvet suit.

Lana Del Rey

The queen Lana Del Rey herself glided through the red carpet on Sunday night. Her look was white and studded with gems and it was honestly just so fitting for her. The star crown adds to the entire "Lana" factor of the look.   


The best dressed boys in country. The guys in Midland have been my style icons and inspiration for a bit now. Though I don't wear Nudie suits or cowboy hats, they have such an effortlessly vintage and over the top look that just fits. These were for sure 3 of my favorite outfits of the night.

Lady Gaga

From her red carpet look to her angelic style on stage, Lady Gaga was dripped in elegance. I must say, I personally think she was snubbed by her loss to Ed Sheeran, but what am I gonna do. The transformation and vast variety of looks that come from Gaga are inspiring to say the least.

Riri and Kdot

Probably one of the most satisfying wins of the night. Kendrick and Rihanna are a lot of people's favorite artists and how can you not want to see them win? And they got to win together? Excellence. Both of these megastars took the stage with amazing performances and watching them glow was amazing. 

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars. A lot of y'all are upset at how many awards he won and who he won them over. Honestly, I was pretty surprised at all of the losses that Jay Z took to Bruno, not because of the music and the work, but just because it was Jay Z. BUT, I am here to say that I love Bruno Mars with my whole heart and soul. I have been claiming that he is the MJ of our generation and has the largest range of talent hands down. So, I'm sorry if you were upset by Bruno's wins, but I couldn't be happier for this man! 

Now, those are my favorite looks and a bit of a download on all the folks who wore those looks. As you can see, my celebrity focus has a pretty wide range, so this playlist I made will too. I picked my favorite songs from my favorite Grammy winners and Nominees. So, if you want a playlist that encapsulates the 2018 Grammy's pretty well, take a listen. We've got pop, rap, country, and the inbetween. Enjoy!