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5 Ways to Avoid Dry, Itchy Skin this Winter


1) Evaluate your moisturizer

Does it hit the mark? Dry skinned folks, you need something heavier and thicker to save your skin this winter. This can be tricky when you're dealing with acne prone skin because you need to look for ingredients that are moisturizing, but won't clog your pores. Shea butter is a great ingredient that is highly moisturizing but has a super low comedogenic rating.

2) Cool down

If you're anything like me, you like your shower hot. Like almost too hot. Unfortunately, these super hot showers actually strip your skin of its natural oils. So cool down the cleansing to stay moisturized.


3) Check your cleanser

Are you using the same cleanser that you used this summer? Chances are, if you need to re-up your routine around this season, you probably need to switch out your cleanser as well. Try to grab something gentler and more moisturizing that's going to go the distance. Remember, we want to add moisture at every step possible so you can get that dewy look despite the weather.

4) Get humid

Not in the South? It's ok, neither are we. That's why we gravitate toward humidifiers for the home. You can use them around the house but we definitely recommend keeping one in your room at night while you sleep. Think of the humidifier like an extra moisturizing blanket, except it's on your face.

5) Refresh and rehydrate

Those of you with dry skin know, it's an all day battle. You may feel super hydrated and glowy after your routine in the morning, but the moment you walk outside the hydration was just a distant memory. Good thing, we've got you covered with ALL DAY hydration. The Rose Water Face Dew is "great for people with dry skin whose face starts to feel tight in the middle of the day" because it can add some light hydration and it "doesn't mess up your makeup."