5 Tips for Self-Care During the Holidays

1) Take time for yourself.

Yeah, the holidays are for hanging out with loved ones and making sure everyone knows how thankful you are for them. But, when you've had about 3 uncles and 4 distant cousins ask the dreaded "How's college?", it can start to be too much. Plan a spa or movie night with your favorite friends or cousins and just relax.

2) Plan out your shopping.

If you've got a long list of gifts to give or you just don't know how to tackle that short list, take your time. We are still in the beginning of December and if you start now, it should be a bit less intense. Also, check out YouTube videos (like this one) on some gift ideas or buy kits (like our beautiful Holiday Kits!) Know that the last day for regular shipping to get to you on time is December 19th, so order online by then to avoid extra shipping fees.

3) Stay in tune with how you feel.

Mental health is not talked about enough and is all too often overlooked, but things like seasonal depression and anxiety can hit home for some folks during this season. You may not just be stressed out because you have to buy gifts and that feeling may be pointing to something more serious. If the feelings of anxiety or stress are too much to bear during the holidays, talk it out with someone or seek help, the same way you would for a physical ailment.

4) Be around loved ones.

I know, tip #1 said to take some time for yourself, but it is also super important to be around positive folks during this time of the year. It can be hard for some who are alone and see photos or videos of everyone having fun with their families. Whether it is family or friends, choose the people you feel the most comfortable with to share experiences and memories. If you are someone like myself who has a big family and always too much food to eat, invite those who may not have a place to go into your home.

5) Slow Down.

As they say, this is the most wonderful time of the year and you don't want to rush through it so fast that you don't get to experience it. Try baking a new dessert or attending a new lighting event that they have in your area. Create a new holiday tradition with your family or friends and light up some holiday scented candles. And most of all, enjoy the holidays!